Heritage Tour

The Unity Youth Heritage Tour

The Moravian Heritage Tour was created to bring young adults together to visit important places in the Moravian history, learn about them and share their experiences with other participants. These tours help the youth to get an understanding of the Unity and the fact that their province is not the only one in the world, but that they have brothers and sisters all over the world.

Up to this day, there have been two Heritage Tours organized – one that focused on the European region (in 2013) and another one that took the participants through the roots of the Moravian Church in North America (in 2018). The young adults that took part in these tours learned a lot about the diversity of our traditions and the history of the Moravian Church.

The Unity Youth Committee is in the process of planning the next tour, which will focus on the history of the Moravian Church in the African continent. This tour is planned for the summer of 2022 and will have the theme of crossing borders whether they are tangible or imaginative. Once the date approaches, there will be more information about the upcoming tour, and it will also be sent through the leadership of the provinces.

You can read an article about the last Heritage Tour in the Moravian Magazine.

UPDATE JUNE 1, 2022:
The application process is closed now. Emails have been sent to the PECs of the Provinces that sent their applications and payments for the tour are due by the end of June 2022. More information will be shared with the delegates very soon. Write to contact@unitasfratrumyouth.org if you have any questions. 
UPDATE MARCH 20, 2022:
The applications for the Unity Youth Heritage Tour have been sent to the provincial leaderships of each Province and are due on the 30th of April 2022. Talk to your PEC if you want to be part of the tour and do not hesitate to contact us at contact@unitasfratrumyouth.org if you have any questions. All the necessary and relevant documents can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the link below.

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