Our purpose...

The main task of the committee, which was included in the resolutions in the Synod, is to organize a Unity Heritage Tour at least every 5 years (there was one in 2013 in Europe, in 2018 in North America and one in 2022 in Africa (the next will be in 2026 in the Caribbean).

However, we don’t want to limit the work of the UYC only to the Heritage Tours, we want to encourage the youth and help with the youth work on the global scale in any way we can. We want to connect the youth worldwide through the social media and initiate conversations in which we could learn from each other.

On this website, we want to provide more information about the work with the youth and about the Unity, and there is a database of structures of the youth work and material for the work.

We have some more ideas, dreams and visions, such as to encourage exchanges between the youth groups or individuals, ways to get to know each other in person, doing camps together, etc.

We hope we can make all this work in the coming months/years.

Synod 2016 Resolutions

A Unity Youth Committee is established; and be it further
The Unity Youth Steering Committee
– has a task in meeting the need to empower and inspire our youth from all areas of the worldwide Moravian Unity as pronounced
by the Unity Synod; the committee is focusing their efforts on Unity youth and young adults from ages 18-35;
– bears in mind that the need is integral and imperative to the present and future life of our communities and thus has called
to action the forming of the Unity Youth Committee;
– sees its role as facilitator of furthering the interests of the youth of all provinces across the worldwide Unity; and be it further
– oversees the work and operation of the Unity Youth Desk;
– supervises the Unity Youth Desk Coordinator;
– takes initiatives to further the interaction between youth across the Unity;
– takes responsibility for arranging and running a Unity Youth Camp/Conference at least once every 5 years, in cooperation with the Unity Youth Desk Coordinator;
– encourages the regional representative on UYC to stay in contact with provincial youth leaders and convey information to and from the provinces;
– challenges the unity, the regions and the provinces to support provincial/international/regional youth gatherings, mission trips, and youth exchange programs; and be it further

– Consists of 6 persons:
a. Africa Region (2),
b. American Region (1),
c. Caribbean Region (2),
d. Europe Region (1);
– the committee members of the UYC are elected by their regional
meetings for a period of 2 or 4 years (term length optional
per region) with the option to reelect the same committee
member (maximum of 8 years of service on the committee);
– the UBA and the UYDC are exofficio members of the UYC;
– the UYC reports to the Unity Executive Committee;
– the UYC meets once every two years;
– elects moderator and a secretary for a period of two years;
– the Unity Youth Desk Coordinator reports normally to the moderator of UYC, who is the primary contact person;
– the cost of operation of the UYC is included in the unity budget, with the unity seeking support from MCF; and
– a representative of the committee will be a member of the Unity Synod.

A Unity Youth Desk is established; and a Unity Youth Desk Coordinator, having the following responsibilities, is employed:
– be secretary of the Unity Youth Committee;
– establish and maintain means of communication for the youth in the worldwide Unity through social media like Facebook, Twitter, emails among others;
– establish and maintain a Unity youth website;
– collect material useful for practical youth work including Bible studies, songs, music, plays etc. and create a database, available to the youth work in all provinces;
– provide information about existing structures for youth work within provinces to other provinces, which wish to set up youth work on provincial and district levels;
– through the social media initiate discussions and debates, prayers, words of encouragement etc., and thereby seeking to create a sense of unity among the youth of the worldwide
Moravian Church;
– take a leading role in organizing a Unity youth event at least once every 5 years; and be it further
– Unity youth coordinator (UYC) is answerable to the Unity Executive Committee;
– the Unity youth coordinator is employed in a job limited to 30 % of a full time job;
– the Unity Youth Desk Coordinator reports normally to the moderator of UYC, who is the primary contact person;
– the UYDC works in conjunction with the UBA;
– the salary of the Unity youth coordinator is paid, at least partly, through the contribution to the Unity from MCF;
– the Unity youth coordinator is employed for 5 years with the possibility of renewal by their provincial rules if applicable.

UYC meeting in Albania in 2024


UYC hybrid meeting in 2022