Our purpose...

The main task of the committee, which was included in the resolutions in the Synod, is to organize a Unity Heritage Tour at least every 5 years (there was one in 2013 in Europe, in 2018 in North America and the next will be in 2022 in Africa).

However, we don’t want to limit the work of the UYC only to the Heritage Tours, we want to encourage the youth and help with the youth work on the global scale in any way we can. We want to connect the youth worldwide through the social media and initiate conversations in which we could learn from each other.

On this website, we want to provide more information about the work with the youth and about the Unity, and there is a database of structures of the youth work and material for the work.

We have some more ideas, dreams and visions, such as to encourage exchanges between the youth groups or individuals, ways to get to know each other in person, doing camps together, etc.

We hope we can make all this work in the coming months/years.