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Hello everyone, welcome to our website and to this part of the website called Blog.


You might have noticed that there aren’t many things or articles published yet, but this is only because we are just starting, and we hope to get this going with the time. We know there are many different talents and each of you has some gifts. We believe there are some people who like to write and would like to share their experiences with the work with the youth or life in your church/province, or maybe you visited some place and would like to share something you liked and learned in that place.

I want to encourage you to become part of this and help us grow the community of youth and youth leaders here. I am sure we all can learn something from each other.

Until then, it will be me, Jiřina, the Youth Desk Coordinator. I am so happy to have you all on board!
If you have any doubts or questions, let us know through the contact form or through our Facebook page.