ReadySetGo is a database of many games or activities for different ages. You can search and download the instructions even to your mobile phone devices. You can also search in other languages.

Godly Play

Godly Play is a way of storytelling that brings people to think and wonder about a deeper sense of a story created by Jerome Berryman. It is mostly targeted to children, but can be used for the youth as well.

Bible Project

Bible Project is non-profit animation studio, which creates a series of nicely composed videos treating different topics of the Bible – characters, books or important words and their meaning. The website also offers study notes and other resources.

Scripture Union


Resources from Scripture Union offering different kind of games and activities for different ages.

BRF Ideas Hub

BRF Ideas Hub is a website with creative ideas for children's and family ministry from The Bible Reading Fellowship. You can browse the ideas by topics, themes, books, type of activity or other.


Videos for Bible studies or making things more interesting in the process. You have to join, but they are free.


Games for your lessons or events in the Sunday School can be found on this website. Some of them are directly connected to some topics, others can be used in just any occasion.


ROOTS is a website with resources of songs, prayers, dramas or sermons for different ages. You can go through and find some good inspiration to use in your youth groups. Some resources are for free, others can be accessed only by signing up and paying a membership fee.

Talking points for Avengers Endgame

Talking points for Avengers Endgame. If you have any big fans of the movie in your youth group, you can use these talking points to discuss several topics like Failure, Profanity, Redemption, etc.


Children everywhere walking with Jesus

“The Children Everywhere resources have been created by people working with children all around the world. The goal of this Children Everywhere Challenge is to guide members of a local church body through a process of expanding their understanding of children and how God sees them, considering the things which impact children, and exploring new possibilities in ministry with children.”

These sessions are designed to be used with small groups (12-15) of people from a local church. They are most powerful when they involve a diverse selection of people such as pastors, children’s workers, church members, schoolteachers, parents, youth and children (with adult assistance). The broader the selection of people, the richer the discussions and ideas will be. Children will add a unique perspective as they often see things very differently to adults.

There are 7 sessions of the study and you can download a booklet for the small group + a booklet for the facilitator from the website for free. These materials are available in English, French, Spanish, Hindi and Portuguese.