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The practice of having a Biblical text as a shared daily "Watchword" among the inhabitants at Herrnhut began in 1722. At that time it was taken house to house by word of mouth, to serve as a common guide to meditation and conduct. This is how it was for eight years until, for 1731, a series of texts was printed for the full year, with the texts supplemented by hymn verses.

So began the tradition which is continued in this the 285th edition. The Old Testament texts are chosen by lot and a New Testament text is then added. This process takes place annually in Herrnhut, on behalf of the world-wide Unitas Fratrum, and from there the texts are distributed to each Province, to be reproduced in a form suited to local needs.

Translated into more than fifty languages, the Text Book continues to be used and appreciated far beyond the membership of the Moravian Church, we as Moravians regard this wider ministry as a God-given privilege, for which we praise and glorify His holy Name.

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